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Welcome to Game Encounters!

Thanks for checking out Game Encounters! We’re looking to change things up a bit in the gaming community, by offering new ways for gamers to meet and compete online! We plan to offer free tournaments that we will host. As we begin to see consistent players, we will then begin to offer those players, opportunities to compete in free matches for prizes. While we don’t have much offer in the beginning, as we grow, we will offer bigger and better tournaments and prizes. We currently have a small reserve of PlayStation t-shirts, $10.00 (USD) PSN Store gift cards, and collectible gaming items.

We are currently developing our tournament system and getting the website ready. We will post events to sign up for when tournaments  are available. We will also be updating a list of games and platforms available to use for the tournaments. We will be updating the site with gaming news as well!

Thanks again for checking out Game Encounters! We look forward to serving you and creating a better and safer place to game!


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